HI All,

Hard to believe that on this coming Saturday (02.02.19) our 2019 program will commence with our inaugural Sewing Club.  The club offers friendship, knowledge and support as part of the Ripley Sewing Learning Centre’s Happy Sewing Program.  

WHO can be members?

· Membership is for persons who are passionate about, and have a genuine interest in, sharing their sewing, applique, embroidery, & quilting journey together.

WHEN does the RSLC Sewing Club formally happen?

· Club Dates for 2019 [commencing at 9.00am & finishing around 12noon] are planned for the first Saturday bi-monthly starting on the 2nd February.  The Sewing Club will gather five times this year on Saturday 2ndFebruary, Saturday 6th April, Saturday 1st June, Saturday 3rd August and Saturday 5th October.

WHERE do we meet?

· Ripley Sewing Learning Centre’s Training room at 27 Ribbonwood Street, Ripley. Queensland. 4306.

WHY would I join?

As an active participant member, you will:

· Receive Bernina’s quarterly “Inspiration” magazine

· 10% off Bernina Feet & selected Accessories [Including during Bernina Catalogue Sales]

·Learn techniques, share fun projects, products & ideas to add to any creative endeavours

· Share in RSLC news and updates, including about Events, Workshops, and special Activities

· Have Morning Tea provided (Homemade goodies from members are also always welcome)

· Receive a Free Kit to make up for “Show-n-Tell” at the Christmas Breakup— 7 December 2019

· Be able to gain inspiration from sharing with others during RSC’s hallmark "Sew-n-Tell" Session

· Get to share Birthday Wishes (with cake and treat of course) for yourself and others.

HOW much does it cost?

· Cost: $50.00 (fee adjusted pro rata quarterly) payable at first gathering you are attending. Cash, bank cheque or direct debit accepted

· Membership is by Calendar Year, *with Club activities governed by RSLC’s Annual Program

WHAT do I need to do to join?

· Contact Ripley Sewing Centre on ripleysewing@gmail.com or mobile 0419 948 452 to confirm participation eligibility and attendance requirements.

Until next we chat, we wish you and those special to you a safe and enjoyable day.