Hi All,

Today Bertie Bernina (Q24) was finally put through its paces again following its dismantling and relocation to our main training room. We played around with a few designs to ensure all was working well ready for this week’s recommencement of our ACOQ quilting service.  Thanks to those who have been extremely patient during this process and rest assured your project will be quilted and ready for its binding very soon.

Of the many choices that go into the creation of a quilt, the pattern that embellishes it is so often what gives it its final touch of grace, beauty, and enchantment. There are thousands of quilting patterns available to you. Our favourites are those from Anne Bright Designs.

Copyright Information:

All patterns are the property of Anne Bright Designs (http://www.annebrightdesigns.com/). We have purchased a license to use the patterns for ourselves and those who we choose to quilt for. By purchasing or downloading any patterns from her site (or via e-mail from her) we have agreed to the terms of copyright protection under the law.  Check out some 200+ Anne Bright quilting patterns we utilise at http://acoupleofquilters.com/quilting-service/quilting-patterns/

One of the designs we used this afternoon was “I think I can Circus Train B2B”. We have used this design previously and on one of those occasions we had the train going from left to right and then the next pass from the right to the left with doing this alternatively all the way down the quilt. Unbelievable and fantastic. The little recipient, Jack, absolutely adores his quilt we made.  

We have the practice piece available should anyone like it. Send us a text (0419 948 452) or PM. It is 11” x 42” with only requiring the binding to finish it off. We used Glide (White) as top thread with #619 Tan of Superior Threads “The Bottom Line” range in the bobbin. Both are wonderful threads to use when creating your patchwork, embroidery and applique masterpieces.

Until next time we chat it is Good Night from all the team at Riley Sewing Learning Centre.