Hi All,

Bows are back! Incorporating a bow tie into your outfit means you're ok with being YOU - no matter how utterly unique you may be in all other ways. This commitment to yourself and your style makes you memorable, and gives you an air of charm, poise and joy.

Recently we came across a wonderful embroidery pack called Embellished Bows by   Anita Goodesign.  Website is https://www.anitagoodesign.com/product/anitas-express-embellished-bows/.  This collection of 8 designs gives you a simple way to make your own bows to accessorize everything including your fur baby’s collar as a birthday gift. Using our Pfaff Creative Icon Marie, with a helping hand from Debbie, created these and as you can see by the stance and facial expressions of Millie, Kelsey and Molly that they truly stand out in the crowd when sporting their special embellished bow.

Projects including this embroidery activity are some of the exciting things being included in our revised program which will be available of your perusal shortly.

On another note we urge you to pick up a copy the Ipswich Advertiser this coming Wednesday (17.06.20). And just in case you are wondering - No‼ - I am not wearing a bow tie however we believe Ripley Sewing Centre is mentioned in it.

S-E-W until next we chat stay safe and keep well from all the team at Ripley Sewing Centre.