Hi All,

Take a look at these brilliant… brilliant… brilliant sewing machine covers made by a number of our quilting plus group members these past couple of Wednesday mornings.

As we all know the covers that come with most sewing machines are not the most visually-pleasing as they tend to be a flimsy plastic dust cover which is not very attractive if you have to leave your sewing machine out.

So… we thought the best idea was for our participants to make their own with fabric to match their sewing room décor. Up there for thinkin’ hey.   By making a new sewing machine cover you can leave your sewing machine out in any room in the house without it collecting dust and looking ugly.  Dust is not good for your machine, so it is important use a cover.  

Subconsciously we worked on the premise that by sewing up a pretty cover it would inspire you back to finish off all those projects you have planned. Guess what they have spent today's session finishing off some of their yet to complete projects....it worked!!!

With the making of these covers they also learnt about the variety of stitches each of their machines have and more importantly how to use them and play with the length, width, reverse the pattern and use a variety of thread types. Darn brilliant idea... Thanks Jenny!!!!

To all those thinking of joining our programs next year please watch this space. Until next we chat keep well and safe from all the team at Ripley Sewing learning Centre