Hi All,


On Saturday we started our Fab 10 activity and we have one kit we wish to do something different with.  We realise that sometimes ones plans just don’t seem to go as we would have liked.  So, we are offering you – if you were in that situation last Saturday morning – the opportunity to still participate in the Fab 10 project. Maybe you would have liked to do the Meadow Minis however live quite some distance away and travelling to RSLC each month is not an option.  Then if your situation fits either of the above scenarios and you would like to still join in this project send us an email to ripleysewing@gmail.com or text to 0419 948 452 to discuss further how we can make it happen for you.

Bernina Feet & Accessories Price Rise:

During last week we were sent a reminder by Bernina Australia that the price of Bernina accessories with rise as of this Friday 1st March 2019.  On Wednesday morning (27 February 2019 @10am) we will be submitting our customer order to “beat the price rise”.  Remember to that as a member of our Ripley Sewing Learning Centre’s Sewing Club you will also receive 10% off Bernina Feet & selected Accessories as part of your membership benefits.  

Kidz Korner:

Last week we advertised our Kidz Korner “hands on” sewing program through which we will facilitate your child’s foundation sewing skills with which they will make some easy sewing projects.  More detail including cost and dates soon.  Please note: As a Learning Centre all facilitators who will be involved with this program will be eligible to work with children through being holders of the Working with Children Blue Card (Qld).

Quilting Services:

Just as much now as in our previous life as “A Couple of Quilters”, or as the Managing Director of Bernina Australia affectionally refers to us as “The two ducks”, we offer professional longarm quilting services at discounted rates for our members, pensioners and fellow Queensland Quilters affiliates.  All details are on our old website at http://acoupleofquilters.com/.  You will notice when you access this site that it has both A couple of quilters and Ripley Sewing Learning Centre references.  We see 2109 as our transition year with many more things to happen.

By reading this and accessing our Facebook, ACOQ Website and RSLC Blog sites we appreciate your support and encouragement with what we offer now and what our aspirations for the future are.  So, from us all at Ripley Sewing learning Centre, until next we chat, we hope your day treats you and those close to you with kindness.