Below are a couple of quotes that say so much and are especially pertinent in times like we are currently enduring.  Our world today is providing us with opportunities, and blanket permission, to sew and create.  How better to support and encourage good mental health.

The first quote is from Maya Angelou (Poet and novelist). ‘You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.’

The second is the Scout's motto " Be Prepared". This means that you are always ready to do what is necessary to help others. It also means you are ready, willing, and able to do what is necessary in any situation that comes along.

Tonight Marie has been creative to ensure that both of us are prepared to protect ourselves and others during these testing and uncertain times. Marie has made our own personal fabric masks.

True stated by the Australian Government Department of Health:  Masks are of benefit to people who are sick so they don’t cough on others (  In a perfect world, where everyone is considerate and respectful of themselves and others, all those required to wear a mask would do so without hesitation.  How would you describe the current status of our world?

If interested in using your creativity and sewing ability to make your own mask have a look at

Until next we chat, from all the team at Ripley Sewing Learning Centre, let’s all be active to the best of our ability, remain connected and stay involved.