Hi All,

"I'm on My Way" is a song by Scottish folk pop duo The Proclaimers for their 1988 album Sunshine on Leith. As the lyrics of this song goes s-e-w too are we on our way. Under the tab above titled "Activities Schedule" you will find a pictorial representation of what our updated activities schedule includes.  The more detailed description of each activity will soon be advertised on all three social media platforms we use as part of Ripley Sewing Centre.

Here is a hint of what is to come. Today being Thursday will see two activities.  Our morning session titled “Serge with Deb” focuses on overlockers and what benefits they offer to their owners. In the afternoon “Oh s-e-w young” gives participants opportunities to learn and create projects for the young and young at heart in a fun environment.

Both Marie and Deb spent some time today designing our first Thursday afternoon activity – A home-grown Tote bag. Just have a look at the “Tote” bag incorporating an appliqued duck head. “Just duckie” if you ask me‼!

Did you know that they are called tote bags because in the 17th century the tote or tate was used to refer ‘to carry’ or ‘to bear’. With gradual usage and improvement and innovations, the current shape of bags came into being. Today, tote bags are popular for their sturdiness, ease in carrying, comfort and style enhancement. Just think what you could stuff into one of these when you go visiting during the coming school holidays. Not quite sure if one of the new found dinosaur bones would fit actually‼

S-E-W until next we chat stay safe and keep well from all the team at Ripley Sewing Centre