Hi All,

At 9am tomorrow we commence our FAB 10 program. Just think for the cost of only $30 dollars you could make a quilt top (approx. 52" x 52") using Bonnie and Camille's fabric range called Little Ruby. You will receive the Meadow Minis pattern by Amanda Murphy which you can keeps the blocks as small blocks, do it as a 'Quilt as you go" project, or personally quilt it as one complete quilt when all bocks are done. So... many...choices. For this price you are thinking there must be a catch.... yes... you are right....and this is it.

*Participants are to bring their completed block to each session—no exceptions

*Participants will then be rewarded with a new block to complete ready for the next session

*If participants don’t bring their completed block, they will have to pay $10 for their next block. That’s the catch!!!

That’s what Fab 10 is all about. Make your block and be rewarded. Don’t make your block and pay $10 for your next block. Simple really.... just do it.

We have only a couple of spots left so give us a call or send us a text now.

Until next we chat it is good night for both of us.