Thanks for the interest, encouragement, and those who have submitted their “100% yes please” Expression of Interest for our 2019 Program – Wow for fun times ahead!!!!

Ripley Sewing Centre (RSC) is also heartened by those who have reached out to submit an Expression of Interest subject to some clarifications and more information about “who we are and what we are about here at RSC”.

In Essence RSC is about:

“providing enabling strategies to each and every one of you to begin and/or continue your learning individually and, where possible, to embark on and share a journey bound by the thread of a common interest”.

For those who came forward, we thank you for the opportunity to clarify and provide further information which we have set out below as an update to everyone.  RSC helpers will be buzzing this Australia Day weekend finalising kits etc., and having fun in the process – isn’t that the common thread of Australia day – “mateship and working together”.  

Dates have been pre-populated eg. from February to November for Quilting and Applique Plus

  • Those who know a little about the background to RSC will be aware that John and Marie know how the pressures of life, and sometimes competing priorities, can so easily take away from what we sometimes need for ourselves – whether it be just that special ‘me time’, a therapy session to overcome or manage personal loss/sadness or otherwise, a yearning to learn or improve what we already do, a desire to share a journey with the thread of a common interest, or for another reason/s known only to ourselves
  • RSC are also aware that we all learn in different ways. Gone are the days where there was a ‘one size fits all’ learning style for children and adults alike. We at RSC believe in the importance of different ways of learning, sometimes together, sometimes in the quiet of our own space, but always with the awareness that someone is reaching out with a supportive hand (and at times even a ‘nudge’ from behind)
  • The dates for Quilting and Applique have been set with the above in mind, and with the knowledge that an organised plan provides a little structure to support us reach measurable goals – isn’t that what we all need?

Quilting plus

  • The Quilting Plus program is something very new to the 2019 Program and RSC is very keen, with the support of our facilitator, Jennie, to offer participants the opportunity to gain the very best from the Program. This includes completing, while having fun, two creations chosen to not only look great but also for the patterns being designed around the maker learning lots in the process. Jennie will be facilitating on the two Wednesday’s each month set down for formal lessons. Jennie will also attend on the *other two Wednesday’s of each month to provide extra support, or to do a catch-up session. These two extra days are not on the Program Flyer as Jennie will explain further at her meet-n-greet day. (*special activities are happening when a 5th Wednesday occurs in the month)

Applique plus

  • RSC is also very keen with Marie as our facilitator to support participants to create their wonderful Applique and Embroidery (Applique) projects designed by The Quilt Company. Both projects were initially released as Blocks of the Month (BOM). For those not familiar with BOM's sign up to pay by monthly instalments eg. via direct deposit, for written instructions and materials for the completion of blocks and finishing a project (generally quilt top only). This process enables access to kits worldwide that may not otherwise be possible. In earlier times participants often commented about feeling alone when they needed support and encouragement. In more recent times there has been an increase in YouTube clips and Videos of various kinds to offer a way of overcoming this sense of aloneness.  RSC’s is endeavouring to go further to offer a shared journey of support and enabling strategies for learning “bound by the thread of a common interest”.  There are plans to increase our diversity of online support eg. Ripley Sewing Group is already active via Facebook – get in touch to join and who knows what else tomorrow may bring – watch this space  
  • RSC also acknowledges there are a range of Applique forms that participants may like to know about/play with. The Applique project bags will contain a book especially selected to explain, with gorgeous small projects to match the other forms of Applique not used in the two main projects e.g. wool applique for which there is a gorgeous little project in the book. – maybe something to consider to do at a Studio Day

Humour and laughter, and hard work of course, typifies RSC’s mode of learning facilitation and so to finish this note …

On The Lighter Side

I don't self-medicate with new fabric.

The lady at the fabric store wrote me a prescription.

Okay, it was a receipt. Whatever.

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