Ode to the Sewing Machine

Ode to the Sewing Machine

Many of you would know people who have sewing machines sitting in their cupboard, some of them passed down or given as a gift and never used and some have been bought with good intentions. When asked why they don’t use them it usually comes down to one thing… “I don’t know HOW!”

Rest assured that when you buy your machine from us, we show you “how”.  We offer more than just a box …we help you become friends with your machine through a free 2-hour lesson and the opportunity to gather with others who enjoy this fulfilling craft.

In 1947 Betty Hutton played Pearl in an incredibly cute and endearing musical film known as the Perils of Pauline.  In the movie she sings an ode to her sewing machine of which the following is a snippit:

“Ohhh the sewing machine, the sewing machine
A girl’s best friend
If I didn’t have my sewing machine
I’d a come to no good end”


S-E-W which Pfaff or Singer machine will be your next best friend, your companion on late night binges, and your go-to when you’re craving something new to wear?

Please phone / text us on 0419 948 452, send us an email to Ripleysewing@gmail.com or simply PM us now.

Until next we chat keep well and stay safe from all the team at Ripley Sewing.