Hi All,

A search of fashion history tells us the overlock machine (aka serger) was developed during the 1870s. Today it is the perfect companion to your sewing machine. Originally developed as a method for finishing off the tops of socks and other knitwear, the machine is also used for sewing with small seam allowances. It sews a seam and seam finish simultaneously as it trims away the excess seam allowance.  It is an absolutely fantastic time saver producing the professional finish you crave for with your fabric creations without the heartache of doing French seams. Truly …what more can you ask for…

Well… now that you ask...how about during the month of June with the purchase of your new Pfaff 720 or 630 or ? sewing machine comes a complimentary Pfaff overlocker to boot. Plus! there is more.

Pfaff EOFY sale has something special added as a bonus to everyone of their sewing machines starting from the Passport 3.0 to their Creative Icon.  In conjunction with the Pfaff EOFY sale we are calling the month of June “Overlocker Month”.  S-E-W for you it means that when you buy from Ripley Sewing Centre (RSC) a:

· Pfaff Ambition 630 you will also receive a complimentary hobbylock™ 2.0 (while stocks last) from RSC.  Hobbylock 2.0 is a modern overlock machine that is easy to use and has many practical features. Darn good!!

· Pfaff Expression 720 on top of the Pfaff EOFY bonus you will also receive a complimentary Hobbylock 2.5 (while stocks last) from RSC. The PFAFF® hobbylock™ 2.5 is a reliable overlock machine with automatic systems that make it easier to get the right setting with a precise stitch result. Unbelievable!!

· Question is….what do you need to buy to get free AIR?  When you have got it you will be able to create much more inspirationally than you have ever dreamed of.  The PFAFF® admireair 5000 is Pfaff’s new one-touch air threading overlock machine.  Only one way to find out and that is ask us.  Now just how simple is that!!

Genuinely INTERESTED? Call / Text:  0419 948 452 for an appointment.

NOTE:  Pfaff EOFY Bonuses, and RSC complimentary overlocker with specific Pfaff machine purchases, are ONLY available for the month of June or while stocks last—which ever comes first.

Keep well and stay safe from all the team at Ripley Sewing Centre.