Simply Sashing

Simply Sashing
Thanks to Barbara for the use of her quilt which was one of Ripley Sewing Centre's past group projects.

In simple terms Sashing (aka Lattice) is strips of fabric sewn between individual quilt blocks, generally in the rows and columns of a quilt top. By adding sashing to your quilt design can achieve a number of varying results.  Here are a couple of our reflections.

Sashing can allow individual blocks to stand out or can have a unifying effect to blocks that don’t hold together on their own such as sampler blocks.

Something to experiment with is the width of the sashing. Narrow sashing allows the design to jump easily from block to block.  Wider sashing gives permission for each block to speak for itself and can also make a small quilt larger.

Changing the colour of the sashing is also a design consideration. Using sashing that matches the block background creates the effect of the blocks floating on the surface of the quilt.  When using a solid coloured fabric your chosen E2E quilting design will be highlighted while using a printed fabric for the sashing helps to blur the seams.

Another option is adding a piece of sashing to each block with a background fabric and then trim the sashed blocks to the identical same size. How clever is that!

How about being unconventional. Your sashing doesn’t have be all the same width, length or follow a precise grid pattern. Mind you neither do each of your blocks need to be symmetrical.  Ultimately everything about sashing is a matter of personal choice.