To scrimp to not to scrimp – that is the question?

We wish to share with you a short story from Free-Motion Quilting for Beginners by Molly Hanson (2014: 17 – That Patchwork Place).

“…Once upon a time, I was a stubborn and very thrifty brand-new free-motion quilter, who scoffed at the idea of paying high prices for premium thread.  I had no trouble using my cones of serger thread for quilting. Although they created a lot more lint for me to deal with, they were a fraction of the price of premium thread, and so I laughed all the way to the bank – or so I thought.

Fast-forward a few years, and I was still quilting with my inexpensive serger thread when I decided it was time to finally tackle the challenge of making a queen-size quilt for my bed. I only had a small domestic sewing machine with an average throat size (the amount of space to the right of the needle).

Quilting that quilt was a major challenge. I literally sweated over that quilt for weeks. Once it was finished, I couldn’t have been prouder – cheap thread and all. It looked beautiful. I couldn’t wait to get it on our bed.  By the time it had been on the bed for about a year, the thread literally disintegrated.  It was the biggest tragedy I’ve seen in my quilting career so far.  My beautiful quilt, to which I’d devoted hours and hours of free-motion quilting, was falling apart in front of my eyes.

What’s more, the difference in cost of quality thread versus what I used would have been about $10. That’s all. I could have saved myself a major heartache and had an heirloom to enjoy forever instead of a fleeting and painful lesson.  Don’t be stubborn like me. Learn where to spend your money and where to save it when quilting. Thread (sic and fabric are) not …things to scrimp on when it comes to free-motion quilting….”

Here at Ripley Sewing Learning Centre we provide our participants access to a range of quality items such as Superior Threads, Bernina/Bernette selected accessories, 100% cotton patchwork fabrics, Burrabong quilt backings, Olfa rotary blades & cutting mats and Schmetz needles to name just a few.  To our sewing club members, the obvious answer to the question at the top is NO!!!