Hi All,

S-E-W!!! S-E-W!!! S-E-W!!! A sewing we will go…

As 2020 fast comes to its end, and our spring cleaning is done, we are offering a number of our demonstration machines as potential “personal” or “someone you love” gifts.

Step 1: To begin your discovery of the special price on these you will need to scroll through the machines under the Pfaff Tab. The ones on sale have the demo model icon attached.  Secret Santa also has one other not listed – Pfaff hobby 1442.

Step 2: Find the machine you are interested in;

Step 3: Find the RRP price

Step 4: Deduct 40% off this price; (Compare with Pfaff Sale Price and see the unbelievable extra savings)

Step 5: Contact a team member of Ripley Sewing Centre ASAP to arrange purchase, payment and pickup/delivery.

How simple is that ‼!  This offer valid until 31st January 2021 unless selected item is no longer available for purchase. Each machine sale comes with our renowned Riley Sewing Centre Bonus.

S-E-W until next we chat, keep well and stay safe from all the team at Ripley Sewing Centre.