What’s the Point of Cutting up Fabric and Sewing It Back Together Again?

What’s the Point of Cutting up Fabric and Sewing It Back Together Again?

Some years ago, June (Marie’s mum) stated she was puzzled and bemused with how Marie gained such enjoyment and pleasure from her patchwork and quilting activities. June, who herself was a wonderful seamstress, could not see the point of cutting up fabric into small pieces and then sewing it all back together. SEW: Are there health benefits to patchwork? Indeed, there is and following are but two of these:

Relationship Building

While patchwork is often a solitary activity, it is surprisingly good at helping people build relationships. Before our current global health crisis took hold many patchwork enthusiasts would gather regularly in groups (whether in real life or online) with whom they share information and sewing tips.

These relationships are good for us. Our social networks are very important to our health and wellbeing.  Social connectedness and positive relationships point to benefits such as better physical health, a longer life span, better mental health (particularly when it comes to depression) and better cognitive functioning compared to those who are lonely.

Staying Sharp

There's no doubt that patchwork requires a sharp mind. From planning the design to cutting the pieces to sewing it all together in the correct order, patchwork projects are often complicated masterpieces. This mental engagement is part of what draws people to patchwork. Many of our past participants would comment on how patchwork gave them the opportunity to learn new skills and challenge themselves. This mental engagement helped them feel good about their abilities and boost their confidence.


If you've been tempted to start learning the art of patchwork, then grab some scissors and fire up that sewing machine! Patchwork is a great pastime that can provide enjoyment, engagement, and everlasting benefits!