Xbox or Sewing? - Good Question

Xbox or Sewing? - Good Question

Some five years ago an article titled “The Pro and Cons of Xbox: Is Xbox Good for Kids?” was published on line by Steven Woda.  Reading it recently proved intriguing for a person who is part of the generation who did not have TV until their teens and then it was a HMV black & white and who, as a child, spent until dark outside with siblings, neighbours and friends involved in physical activities of all sorts.

Whist Xbox critics tend to highlight the “cons” there are also some “pros” advertised that are synonymous with some of the positive attributes of sewing for children.   Three such positives are how it provides opportunities to:

· Increase self-confidence,

· Improve hand-eye coordination, and

· Encourage socializing with friends.

During the July school holidays we held our sewing day for children affectionately known as “Kidz Kapers”.  (

Two young people involved were Lil and Zay who had a fabulous day sewing their own project.  They learnt how to stitch and put together a pillow with a pocket for either their iPad or a book.  They picked their own fabric and had their name embroidered on it.  Lil even learnt, among many other things, how to thread the machine by herself.   What was even more exciting was hearing Zay’s parting words “it’s better than Xbox!!!”   We knew then they had thoroughly enjoyed their sewing day.

S-E-W it is not really a question of “Is Xbox is good for kids” but rather a confirmation that learning to sew is.  Keen to know what is planned for our September Holiday program then contact us to express your child’s interest. Maximum of six participants with all RSC staff holding a valid working with children blue card.