Hi All,

It has been some time since last we chatted. Many things have happened in that time and most importantly we hope that you, and those you hold dear, have kept safe and are in good health.

Through it all we have endeavoured to keep plodding along with what 2021 and all that it may bring will be for us. Our 2021 activity schedule can be found on our website at https://ripleysewing.com.au/activities-schedule/.  Please take time to sift through what activities we wish to share with you, our fellow enthusiasts, and express your interest as soon as possible.  We have limited the number of participants in each session – generally this number will be 4 (Four).  The exception to this will be the RSC Three C’s.  With the restrictions lifted we will commence our activity schedule in earnest as of Monday May 3rd.

We have also added a “Specials” page to our website - https://ripleysewing.com.au/specials/.

It is here that we will offer those who form part of our sewing family special offers. Currently it is under construction so have a gander in the next few days and you may stumble across that something special you have been looking for.

Remember for all your machine and sewing needs we are open.  We encourage you to phone beforehand to ensure we will be available to attend to your requirements. S-e-w until next we chat, from all the team, stay safe and keep well.